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Sagging or baggy eyelids are the most common sign of early aging. Patients frequently report that friends think they look tired and run down. Correction of these problems can give the entire face a fresher appearance.

Surgery of the upper eyelids,generally involves repositioning of the eyelid fold upwards into its more youthful position. This is combined with excison of some skin to reduce the eyelid fold. The resultant scar sits in line with the eyelid fold and is therefore generally well hidden.
Droop of the upper eyelids is almost always contributed to by by droop of the eyebrows, and a combination of upper eyelid blepharoplasty with browlift may be necessary to get the maximum improvement. Sometimes browlift on its own will suffice.
Lower eyelid bags are due to weakness of the wall which holds the fat within the eyesocket, allowing it to bulge forward. Correction involves either repairing the weakened wall or removing the bulging fat. The incision (and resulting scar) runs immediately below the eyelashes and is well hidden.
Unfortunately, wrinkles in the skin are only partially corrected by this surgery and may be better treated with laser resurfacing.

Potential complications:
  • bruising/swelling
  • haematoma
  • visible scaring
  • asymmetry
  • residual droop/bag
  • scleral show/ectropion
  • blindness (extremely rare)

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