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There are important decisions to be made when deciding on a breast augmentation. See the links below for independant information.

Which implant?

  • Saline or silicone?
  • Round or shaped?

 Which position ?

  • Subglandular or submuscular

What size?

Which incision?

  • under the breast
  • around the nipple
  • in the armpit

While internet research can give you an idea of what is available, every women is an individual as are her breasts, and what may seem right on a theoretical basis, may not necessarily be the right way to achieve your personal goals. This can only be decided by you in discussion with your plastic surgeon who can help you make sense of what can be conflicting information. So keep an open mind until you have had the opportunity to discuss this.


Department of Health: Implant Information (See especially item 3)

BAAPS Breast Augmentation Information

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