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Some conditions are treatable by non surgical means. Fixed lines can be reduced by the use of fillers. Active lines can be softened with Botulinum Toxin.

Many different fillers are available for lines in the skin and all work in the same way to physically fill the line from within the skin. Most fillers absorb over time and last about six months so will need to be repeated. Complications are infrequent so their use has become widespread and widely available.
Botulinum toxin comes in several forms the most widely known being BOTOX, now rebranded as VISTABEL. This works by weakening or stopping the action of muscles into which it is injected. If injected accurately, it can weaken specific muscles causing specific wrinkles. The most popular places for treatment are the frown lines between the eyebrows, and the crowsfeet.

Potential complications (fillers)
  • incomplete correction
  • overcorrection
  • irregularity
  • allergic reaction/redness

Potential complications (Botulinum toxin)

  • over/under correction
  • paralysis of unintended muscles
  • allergy
  • contains traces of human protein

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